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Business Team

Portfolio (Funded and Ongoing)

Why LFS?

Smart Capital

Raise capital from experienced entrepreneurs, business experts, and experienced investors.

Managed IT Services

Network Effect

Have an opportunity to network with leaders from various fields, open doors, find strategic partners and grow your business.

Get Mentoring

Investors who not only will invest their money but also their time, efforts and knowledge adding value to you and your business.

Simple Term sheet

Most of our deals will happen through SAFE Notes.

Please refer to our FAQs for more information.

In-house Investment Advisory

We provide complete in-house investment advisory helping the startup prepare their Business plan & Pitch deck in a manner in which investors would appreciate.

Complete Deal Structuring

We will advise on the complete deal structuring of the fund raising.

What we look for in Startups?


The business should be a Long term sustainable business model.  If it is not when we initially see it, we will work towards it to first make it that by re-working with the founder on the business plan if he wants to raise funds from our firm.

Strong Unit economics

If you are going to make a loss or burn cash on every customer you acquire or your break-even point is very high or far then the model will have to be reworked with us.

Road to Profitability

There has to be a clear road to profitability in the business plan without which it will always require funds to grow and burn.


We don’t believe in growing at unreasonable rates and still be in losses and burn cash. This really will hurt the company in the long run.

Strong Management 

Even first time entrepreneurs are fine till the time they have the necessary intent, conviction, discipline, execution capability and patience to grow the business.

Proof of  Concept

In today’s world no angel investor would want to take on the risk if the idea is already not executed.


Fundraising Process

Step 1

Step 3

We will understand the business model and assess your pitch and business plan. However, if you don’t have an effective business plan and a pitch deck, not to worry we can always help you to prepare it.(please read the FAQs section on startups).

Step 2

Our team will go through the pitch and get back to you via email or WhatsApp for a call schedule with us.

Step 4

Once the plan is ready and we are convinced about your business we will approach the investors and schedule calls with you and take things forward.

Step 5

With interested investors we will start the negotiating rounds, structure the deal and close it.

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