42% of startups shut down due to ineffective digital marketing strategies which have a direct impact on growth and survival of their Business.

It’s common even for products that fit the market, to lack proper marketing. Companies either sell their products in a way that doesn’t attract an audience, or they don’t understand what it is that people really want and try to push the wrong features. You can have the best product in the world, but if no one knows about it and isn’t appealing, then it won’t sell. Captivated by their product, many startup founders tend to neglect marketing efforts.

No more waste your time on dreaming about your startup growing. Take action!

Learn from Chartered Accountant Devansh Lakhani, Founder of Lakhani Financial Services, a boutique Investment banking firm advising startups raise funds from his network of investors.

Role & Responsibilities of Devansh for your startup –

Devansh will spend 3 months with you in this mentorship program giving you 1-2-1 sessions. Each session will be held once a month for 60 minutes per session. The First day will be decided mutually and conveyed to you by our team once you book him.

1) Help in formulating the whole chain of digital marketing strategy.

2) See which digital marketing strategy is best suitable for your startup to scale up.

3) Giving access to his network and resources for activating the digital marketing strategy.

4) Sharing his invaluable experience.

5) Saving Startups from making expensive mistakes.

6) Demanding Accountability from the Startup founder.

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