How we help you to create a successful financial plan?


1. Understand your current financial situation – We help you determine the status of your current finances, viz., your income, expenses, debt, savings, and investments. This is the first step in financial planning, as it gives us a good sense of the state of your finances and ways to improve.

2. Write down your financial goals - Ask yourself: ‘what are the different financial goals I wish to achieve in life?’ Write them on a piece of paper. Don’t hesitate to put down any goal because no goal is too small or too big. However, make sure that your goals are specific. For instance, here are some achievable goals: ‘I want to purchase an SUV worth Rs. 13 lakh in the next 18 months’ or ‘I want to buy an apartment worth Rs. 80 lakh in the next 5 years. We will conduct this exercise with you.


3. Look at the different investment options- There are numerous investment options available to investors. In the mutual fund market alone, you can choose from nearly 2,000 schemes. Different investment avenues help investors to achieve different goals. For example, equity funds are suitable for long-term goals like retirement planning, a child’s education, etc. If you are interested in a relatively steady income and you are risk-averse, you may want to invest in debt mutual funds. Equity Linked Saving Scheme (ELSS fund) is good to save tax. When it comes to investing, many financial experts have highlighted the importance of mutual funds. Investing in these funds consistently over a longer period can help you achieve your dreams and goals.


 4. Implement the right plan – We help you to select the right investment option based on factors such as your goals, age, risk appetite and investment amount. 

 5. Monitor your financial plan regularly -  The financial planning process does not end once you invest your money. You also need to monitor how the funds are performing regularly. If they don’t perform, you may need to replace them with better performing funds. You also need to follow your plan because as you grow older, your goals and dreams evolve. For instance, your financial priorities may change after the birth of a child. Now, you need to accommodate the expenses and objectives of a new member in your family. This is where we help you to monitor the portfolio.

There are numerous practical benefits to financial planning. It helps you in: