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"The process of business planning is very valuable, for forcing you to think hard."

Devansh Lakhani

How to write a one-page business plan?

So today I am going to speak about something very important to us and all of our founders. This document has made us think a lot and put us in a place where we are aware of our whole business inside out. That’s right, I am talking about the business plan. 


The business plan we prepare for start-ups is a complete financial plan for the company itself. It has nothing to do with other aspects of life which are great support systems for any entrepreneur. 


For example – if your health is not good and you have an important presentation to give, how do you expect one to give that presentation in the best manner? Another example could be if you don’t get along well with your father. Every morning there is some argument you'll get into no matter how small, how do you expect to run a start-up like this with strained family equations?
















Why your Last Year Data Matter?

Almost everyone including me on 31st Dec has our new year wishes that we want to achieve in the next year. However, after a few days gone by in the next year and we forget about them and we are back to square one. This happens every year, doesn't it? 

We then question as to why we can't change or improve. The main reason why we can't improve upon this is that to do something in the future one must have data about the past year. If you don’t know what you have done in the past year, how will you reflect upon it and make any amendments in the coming year? 

So to reflect upon the past year I am also providing you with a one-page reflect sheet for the year 2020. In this sheet, you will understand the 2 most important things about various aspects of your being which shapes your life i.e. learning and achievements. Once you write down these 2 things across your 6 aspects of life you will be able to understand yourself better and make more achievable and honest goals for 2021 rather than unachievable wishes which you would not be able to complete.

So what is this one-page business plan?

One page business plan will depict the following 6 aspects of your life – 

1) Financial, 

2) Health, 

3) Business, 

4) Spiritual, 

5) Family and 

6) Personal Development

In all these 6 aspects, what you need to do is after you are done reflecting upon the past year's learnings and achievements – understand, examine and write down 2 Habits that you want to develop,  2 Things that you want to Give up and 2 Goals you want to achieve in the new year 2021 in each of these aspects. 

Habits could be for example – I want to develop a habit of saving more and spending less every month in the financial aspect, in the personal development aspect – I will sleep at 11 pm instead of 2 am now every day, etc.

Goals could be – in health aspect reduce 10 kgs, in business aspect maybe achieve Rs.1 Crore Revenue. 

I have made one and would love for you to make one immediately. Don’t waste time to download it, a link is given below. Once you have done it please do take action on this because without adequate action it won't be achievable. 





You can then print it, fill it out, laminate it, and review it every day. You’ll be amazed at what a difference this will make in just a few weeks. You won’t be able to keep yourself from thinking about it, and somehow, someway, you’ll start hitting it. We have the strategy, and if you put in the time, this time next year you’ll say, “Oh my gosh. This is so exciting. I hit 80% of my goals.”

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