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4 Podcasts That Every Start-Up Owner Must Listen To

As a start-up founder, it’s imperative to keep with the times and make sure you’re up to date with new trends. How to pitch to an angel investor, how to build a business, current trends that are seen in start-ups are just some topics that entrepreneurs must keep in mind. Understandably, it’s not always possible to sit down and watch a video or put in the time to research for the same. This is where podcasts are truly helpful. You can listen to episodes on the go and it’s the easiest way to listen to the brilliant minds from the world of start-ups.

The popularity of podcasts has grown significantly over the years and the content found on them are extremely helpful. The question is, which podcasts should one start with? With the immense quantity of podcasts available, this article will help you pick out the best ones.

1. Masters of Scale

An original podcast hosted by the founder of LinkedIn Reid Hoffman has some of the biggest names in the industry. This podcast has hosted entrepreneurs like Peter Thiel of PayPal and Palantir to Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook along with numerous others. The frequency of this podcast is weekly and one only needs to subscribe to access the new content. The podcast focuses on how these companies started and how they became as big as they are now. This along with the process of hiring well-rounded people from a Startup-Business-Advisor to the current employees etc.

2. Mixergy

Andrew Warner has taken more than 1500 interviews and is known to ask the tough and uncomfortable questions to his interviewees. He digs deep into the success and failures of the founders of various companies. He’s interviewed people like Gregg Spiridellis who spoke about how his company JibJab failed as well as how he managed to turn it around for himself. This podcast has weekly updates and it is a must-listen for ambitious entrepreneurs who are looking to make it big. It covers material from the basic working of the companies as well as how people can pitch to angel investors and help in gathering


3. The Tim Ferriss Show

This podcast hosts entrepreneurs as well as high calibre people from the world of entertainment, music, sports and business. It has been named the top business podcast of apple podcasts for over three years. Tim has interviewed people like LeBron James, Malcolm Gladwell and Marc Andressen and many more. Tim Ferriss makes sure to ask his guests tough and thoughtful questions that help bring out the way his guests tackle problems. This podcast is a weekly one should be in your top five podcasts to hear.

4. Business Wars with David Brown

This podcast takes a unique turn wherein it compares two companies together. Examples of these ‘wars’ include episodes on Nike vs Adidas, Nintendo vs. Sony, Facebook vs Snapchat, etc. Each episode is researched in great detail and it takes us on the rollercoaster of how each company is formed the way it has acquired angel investors, Startup-Business-Advisor and its subsequent successes and failures. An average of two episodes is released every week. It is a great podcast to learn about the ins and outs of some of the largest companies globally.

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