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How angel investors add value to start-up beyond funding?

Angel investors, are the individual who invest their money, time & a lot more into a start-up with an intention to help and mentor them to grow and get off the ground. When right kind of investor even when investment is low will bring in their expertise and can mentor your start-up in business development & technical aspects. The knowledge that angel investors posses goes beyond the money and hence add value beyond the rupees.

Mentoring In the initial stages of any business be it a start-up or a small business, founders are in vulnerable position and need help with mentoring to survive and scale. Angels provide this handholding support and provide insights along with investing their time & resources in to support start-ups grow.


Angels are entrepreneurs and experienced doers themselves and hence bring in their valuable experiences and problem-solving skills they possess after overcoming hurdles in their own start-up for years. This’ll help you avert similar situation and prepare you to handle them.

Industry Expertise

If your angel investor is a seasoned practitioner in your industry, they will provide the necessary expertise in finding solution to issues and other technicalities. An experienced angel will guide you better on how to tailor your business model, have better market penetration, and in decision making.

Contacts and Networks

Being an entrepreneur themselves, Angel Investors will have several contacts & strong networks that they can introduce your start-up to and help you build strategic partnerships. They will be able to introduce you to more investors if you need help with growth, expansion & funding. They could promote your start-ups within their networks.


Angel investors, being outsiders, provide a third-party evaluation of your start-up. They often ask questions and critically examine your plans, work & execution. This is important for you to streamline your work.

Visibility & Credibility

Being associated with established Angel Investors gives your start-up credibility & visibility. This helps for you to obtain funding in the future, garner media attention & bring established consultants (marketing/sales etc) on board.

In conclusion, getting the right kind of investors will go a long way in determining your start-ups level of success and reach. Therefore, it is important to look at the value your angel investors can add to your start-up beyond the funding that they provide.

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