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Ways To Increase Your Sales During The Pandemic

The onset of the COVID 19 pandemic has brought about a fair deal of uncertainty and financial instability to a lot of start-ups. The lockdown of the country completely halted the economy and as such slowed down the growth of businesses. Businesses and start-ups that couldn’t adapt to the new normal have been forced to close up shop. With this in mind, an increasing number of business advisors and angel investors are trying to advise business owners to create new and improved ways to conduct business. For start-ups especially, it’s important to rethink and strategize on different ways to increase sales and profit in their companies. We must learn to rethink our marketing strategies to visualize an increase in sales during this time.

1. Rethink your message

The pandemic has changed the way we think, perceive and purchase products and services. As a start-up, you must do the same. What message are you looking to portray to the masses? How do you want people to perceive your company?

These are topics that as business owners you must introspect about. With this, it’s imperative to inform your customers about what services and products you still offer. At the same time laying stress on the cleanliness and hygiene of each. How will you strive to create a safe working and purchasing environment for your employees as well as customers? You should address all these questions.

2. Customer is king

The pandemic has made it very important for start-ups to communicate with their customers. As such keeping your customers informed has become increasingly important. Updating your website, social media, blogs, podcasts etc. to make this information accessible to your customers is extremely important.

Take complete advantage of social media to help increase your reach. Social media is a great help in customer acquisition. It helps you market your product/service to a larger audience. As your customer base increases make sure to cater to their needs. Answer any questions that are asked to the company in the form of emails, chatboxes etc.

3. Visual component

Visuals play a key role in influencing your customer base into buying your products. Business advisors now advise start-ups to focus very extensively on this. Make sure your website and social media handles are pleasing to the eye. Create themes and colour palates around your products to cater to the aesthetic need of your start-up.

4. Social media strategy

As I’ve already established social media plays a key role in increasing not just sales but the visibility of your start-up on a larger scale. Create a smart social media strategy for your start-up, posting regularly. Make sure not to bombard your customers with posts. At the same time make your posts as engaging as possible.

To Sum Up

I’ve covered the key areas that require to be adopted because of the pandemic. However, there are many other changes that you can implement to increase sales. SEO optimization, overall marketing strategy, collaboration are all avenues that one can look at. All in all, make sure to create a business model that is adaptable because we don’t know for how long this pandemic will last and its effects can be endless.

Further for any newly formed start-up, the best way to incorporate changes and increasing sales is by having a complete business plan. Business advisors as well as angel investors insist on a business plan because it helps you coherently thin about what you achieve. Your business plan should also include a One-Page Business Plan. I have developed a one-page business plan for all start-up founders and entrepreneurs. This business plan helps you ideate what you would like to achieve the following year as well as the activities you are willing to give up. It helps you to understand the shortcomings of the previous year as well.

About Devansh Lakhani

Director of Lakhani Financial Services, and a Chartered Accountant, he helps start-ups raise funds from his network of investors. He guides and advises start-ups to scale up by providing efficient sales, marketing, team building, and business management strategies. He has executed fundraising by block deals on the stock exchange and conducted IPOs and right issues on the SME platform to the tune of over Rs. 50 Crore. He is currently working with start-ups from various sectors to help them channelize their business models and investments.

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