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What is Start-up India campaign and how it is Boosting entrepreneurship?

The government of India has initiated “STARTUP INDIA” to energize, motivate and encourage entrepreneurship in the youth of India. Those who are capable and want to employ themselves have started their own large scale or small scale work so that they can employ themselves and others. This campaign was initiated in January 16, 2016 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

This action plan mainly focuses on three key areas.

a. Industry academia partnership and Incubation

b. Simplification and Handholding

c. Funding support and Initiatives

Initiative by the government to boost entrepreneurship

The “I- Made” program was made to help Indian visionaries to construct millions of new businesses. There are also small scale financial supports which provide low financing cost credits to business visionaries.

The objective of start-up India initiatives is to support enterprise buildings or create employment opportunities. As a result of initiatives, India is on 3rd position in the world in start-up business with 4200 established new businesses.

Benefits of campaign.

1. Startups are permitted to self certify their compliance under six labor laws and three climate laws. This is considered a time period of 5 years from the date of joining of the entity.

2. Startups otherwise called quick track firms can be ended up inside 90 days as against 180 days for different organizations. Further, an insolvency professional shall be appointed for liquidating the assets and paying creditors. This would be done within six months of filing an application to make such an exit.

3. Startup India gives great licensed innovation administrations and assets to assist new businesses with ensuring and market their IPRs.

Results of the initiatives and campaign.

As per NITI Aayog site, 17 focuses have been shortlisted to pay attention and help start-up scale. The Reserve bank of India has kept aside a hold of INR 10,000 corers for new organizations under “small industrial development bank of India” which has been another commendable interest for new organizations.


So as to help work creation and business enterprise, the Government of India dispatched the Startup India Scheme. Under this plan, the administration means to give a large group of tax cuts, make consistency simple, quick track IPR following and offer other arrangement of advantages. These advantages are offered with the goal that business visionaries can zero in on their center business and don't have any administrative weight.

About Devansh Lakhani

Director of Lakhani Financial Services, and a Chartered Accountant, he helps start-ups raise funds from his network of investors. He guides and advises start-ups to scale up by providing efficient sales, marketing, team building, and business management strategies. He has executed fundraising by block deals on the stock exchange and conducted IPOs and right issues on the SME platform to the tune of over Rs. 50 Crore. He is currently working with start-ups from various sectors to help them channelize their business models and investments.


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