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Why Do Mothers Make Good Entrepreneurs?

There is a lot that coincides with motherhood and entrepreneurship. Being a mother is a tough job. It requires you to adapt to tough situations, wear multiple hats in the family and just, in general, be a part of everything that happens in the household. Entrepreneurship is the same. An entrepreneur has to be involved in every part of their start-up. Whether it be trying to find angel investors, figuring out the business plan, looking for start-up advisors, helping with marketing etc. It’s a constant overload. However, the aspect of multi-tasking is ingrained in these individuals. Now just imagine if a mother took on the role of entrepreneur. Many people will dissuade you from doing it. I, however, as a start-up consultant in Mumbai am here to tell you the reasons why you’ll be perfect for the job.

Chaos is your happy place

As a mother, you are used to and thrive in chaotic situations. Having children means dealing with multiple unique personalities who all demand different things out of you. You do everything you can to keep the peace in the house as well as your sanity. Through this, you have learned to handle these situations for the most part without too much stress or hassle.

This is essentially how a business owner must be. Every day is a unique situation. Putting out fires is a regular occurrence. The entrepreneurs who succeed are the ones who can conduct themselves with dignity in these situations and do not buckle under pressure. As a mother and an entrepreneur, you are always ready for any surprise that comes your way. You can easily adapt and overcome. This is what will make you successful.

Negotiation is your middle name

As a mother, it's a constant negotiation with your children to eat their veggies, put things in place and not be naughty to name a few. An entrepreneur too is in a constant battle between yes and no. Negotiating with your business plan consultant, angel investor, marketing teams, employees etc. is your job. Delegation of work is something that you have to do. Most mothers will agree that closing deals are a piece of cake as compared to negotiating with children.

Your time management skills are unparalleled

Time management is an essential skill to have not just as a mother but as an entrepreneur as well. It’s imperative to prioritize your time and divide it according to what is most important as compared to what doesn’t require your time. There will be times where you slip up and forget something but it’s how you pick yourself up that matters. Adapting to different things will help greatly.

As an entrepreneur as well you must know where to invest your time. Your time is precious and everyone wants a piece of it. If you feel that some task is not going to help you in reaching a goal you have you can disregard it as a priority.

To Sum Up

As stated above entrepreneurship and motherhood go hand in hand. As a mother, you can acquire skills that help you as a business owner. Constantly helping in putting out fires and adapting to situations at home translates to a well-rounded business owner who can delegate work and stand up for themselves against angel investors, business advisors, Business plan consultants, etc.

I have also made a YouTube video on what makes mothers good entrepreneurs. Be sure to watch it to gain greater insight.

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