Hello everybody, I am Amita Jain from Aakaar modular kitchens and furniture LLP. I am very pleased to share Devansh and his firm Lakhani Financial Services have been really helpful to create and maintain a successful portfolio for myself and my family. He has been extremely prompt with his services and looking forward to increasing business with him. I would like to thank LFS for its services.


Owner, Nolte & Aakar Kitchen

Hi all, I am Bhakti Thakoor from Enviroscape- Landscape Design and Planning and I am very pleased to share that Devansh and his firm Lakhani Financial Services have been really helpful to create and maintain a successful portfolio for my family. I would recommend LFS services to all my family and friends.


Owner, Enviroscape  - Landscape Design & Planning

Devansh is a dynamic and result oriented professional, who adapts with fast-changing trends in the Financial Industry. He is always keen to address his client's requirements and provide unique solutions for them. He will go the extra mile to deliver results which will give long-lasting effects for the company.


Director, Investment Banking NeoMile Capital

We have been using the services of Devansh and his firm since a year to maintain portfolio of my family. He's been extremely helpful and given us correct and timely advise throughout. I would like to thank LFS for its services.


Orthodontist, Shah's Dental Serenity

When I think about investments in capital markets I approach Devansh. He understands the risk appetite, rewards that I want, and the time horizon in which I want my investments to mature. He has the solution to all my complex investment needs.


CA, Assistant Manager - Business Advisory

NA Shah Associates

Devansh is a sincere, thoughtful, and professional wealth planner. There was no fluff and everything was transparent. His expert knowledge makes planning, protecting, and growing one’s wealth easily accessible while his personable nature is refreshing. Thanks again for everything. It’s always a pleasure.


Owner, Keshavlal Dalpatrai Zaveri Jewelers (KDZ)

I Kunal Hansh founder and CEO of Rekla, met Devansh sir in Nov 2019, when I was preparing for the funding of my startup Rekla.in and was visiting a number of investors at that time explaining my startup model to them to grab their interest in it.

Rekla is a Jharkhand based startup and due to this we don’t have much exposure to this high stake industry, And so Devansh Sir joined us as a mentor, the guidance provided by him is incredible.

He helped us in many ways to make our business model the concrete one. No one enjoys criticism, but Devansh Sir’s suggestions were accurate and clear, and to-the-point. He was never perspective: we worked together for long hours to make our startup the best. We together worked on making our blueprint of success.

He is also our financial mentor and investment advisor. And with his great help, we ultimately got successful in raising the seed fund for our startup. He is a great mentor and advisor for all startups and for willing entrepreneurs.

Devansh Sir’s contribution to Rekla is incredible.    


Founder, Rekla

I am very happy that we onboarded Devansh Sir into our business. His guidance and those brainstorming sessions we had regarding our business plan is tremendous. Those brainstorming sessions helped the business stand again and reach new heights. I would always recommend Devansh sir and his company Lakhani Financial services to all those budding entrepreneurs who want their startups to be a long term hero.


Founder, Hungry Hippos

Devansh Lakhani, Director-Lakhani Financial Services, I have been working with him on the project for building up the 5-year Business Plan and Fundraising for RKade Cricket Academy.

I really appreciate his knowledge of the financials and the Business plan buildup strategy for Startups. Also appreciate the time, energy, and focus with which he has worked on this project. There are many key ideas he has been generating and incorporating for enhancing revenue, customer service, and cost optimizations. The final Pitch Deck that was presented has attracted a number of Angel Investors to have a detailed discussion on the 5-year plan.

Overall, it has been an excellent experience to work with Devansh, I am sure the working relationship will continue for the future with RKade Cricket Academy.


Founder,  Rkade Cricket Academy